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Mompha Ask Nigerians Not To Believe The News Going Round About Hushpuppi, Gives Reasons Why

By: in MusicJune 15, 2020

In the wake of the news going about concerning the arrest of Nigerian big boy and free spender Ray Hushpuppi, his former friend Ismaila Mustapha whom many people referred to as Mompha have thus implored Nigerians not to believe the news flying about concerning the arrest of Hushpuppi

It will be recalled that some days earlier it was reported that Hushpuppi was arrested in his house in Dubai by Interpol for allegedly hacking into the united states unemployed database and allegedly stole $35million relief funds through fraudulent unemployed benefits.

The news came some days after Hushpuppi got his latest Royce Roll 2021 model car.

Although Interpol which means international police have come out to say that Hushpuppi will be extradited to Nigeria, to face his charges yet much still needs to be said about the issue of fraud when it comes to this Social media celebrity and free spender.

Mompha, another Nigerian big boy and money spender who is also Hushpuppi’s friend before a dispute happened between them has taken to his Instagram account to express his opinion concerning the issue on ground.

He asked Nigerians not to believe the news flying about concerning Hushpuppi saying that sometimes these things may not be true.

He wrote:

“Don’t believe all these stories flying on social media because when I was arrested by EFCC, different stories were flying all over.

In the end, my charge was selling foreign currency without no license which till now, they can’t prove and also can’t believe why so much hate in Nigeria.”

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